Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is the heart of my practice. I use warmth, humor, and compassion in partnership with evidence-based tools to facilitate meaningful, profound, and lasting healing.

I offer individual therapy services to adults and youth ages 13 and up.  Some of the modalities and approaches that I draw from are EMDR, Internal Family Systems, mindfulness, reiki, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. I have found that moving beyond traditional methods of talk therapy to connecting mind, body, and spirit helps to move and heal what may have felt stuck for years. It is one thing to understand the root of a problem logically, and another to feel the peace that comes with true healing. Individual therapy can help tremendously in finding this peace. 



EMDR, which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is an evidence-based therapy modality that is highly effective for processing past trauma and addressing current triggers. EMDR uses bilateral stimulation (activating both sides of the brain in turn) to help stimulate the brain’s natural healing process. Clients often find after EMDR that incidents that disturbed them in profound ways for many years have simply lost their potency. Following EMDR, they are able to move on with new perspectives and freedom. I have the distinction of being an EMDR Certified Therapist through the EMDR International Association, meaning that I have pursued a higher level of training and consultation in EMDR.


Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems views individuals as being composed of multiple “parts” that play different roles for us and interact with one another. Viewing ourselves as being composed of parts helps to depersonalize some of the extreme reactions that we all have from time to time, and facilitates compassion for more vulnerable parts, often including the “Inner Child.” The goal of Internal Family Systems work is to strengthen the core “Self” in a leadership role, and to depolarize parts that may be influencing negative self-talk, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and overly controlling attitudes.

I have completed Level 1 of Internal Family Systems therapy training through the Center for Self Leadership, which is an extensive training taking place over the course of six three-day weekends throughout one year.