Clinical Supervision

Supervision is a role in which I take great joy. As one of my services, I offer supervision for those seeking licensure as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Licensed Professional Counselor. 

As a supervisor, I use a trauma-informed approach. I consider trauma education to be crucial to ethical and effective therapeutic practice. Supervision with me includes reviewing and discussing some of the texts that I have found to be most important in my development as a therapist, including “Trauma and Recovery,” by Judith Herman, and “8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery,” by Babette Rothschild. I also incorporate teachings by Janina Fisher, Bessel van der Kolk, Francine Shapiro, and Richard Schwartz.

With the knowledge that the therapeutic relationship is the number one indicator of successful therapeutic outcomes, regardless of the modality being used, I leave plenty of space and time to process the experience of becoming a therapist. This role requires that we heal and grow tremendously in order to do it well, and I consciously create a safe space for that process to unfold.